Mission / Vision


The Jamaica Council of Churches (J.C.C), as a Christian Ecumenical Organization is committed to

  • the visible unity of the Church in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Global Community in the execution of the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ;

  • the equipping of the people of God;

  • the pastoral care of all, especially those who are hurting and marginalized, and

the prophetic witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all aspects of life.


In light of this, the Jamaica Council of Churches (J.C.C.) will develop local partnerships among Christian and Non-Christian individuals and organizations; within the Caribbean Region, through the Caribbean Conference of Churches and other regional ecumenical partners, as well as globally, through the World Council of Churches and other International Ecumenical organizations, in giving particular attention to the following goals;






Goal 1:       To develop and implement a plan towards the renewal and strengthening of Family Life in Jamaica. (Home & Family Life Commission)



  • To develop a Radio/Television programme that focuses on family education (parenting), couples and family therapy.

  • Seek support for such programme from the Government, Private Sector and Ecumenical Organizations and Funding Agencies.


Goal 2:       To facilitate the alleviation of social problems in Jamaica, e.g., unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Violence/Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Drug Abuse. (Church and Society Commission)



  • The development of a database of skills-training programmes being offered by faith- based and other organizations;

  • Encourage and facilitate networking/collaboration by

denominations/congregations with a view to providing opportunities for training, employment and capacity-building.

  • The provision of opportunities for persons to be exposed to the possibilities that exist in the local and global community for production and exportation;

  • To facilitate the process wherein groups/congregations may have access to funding;

  • To provide guidelines/tips in establishing income generating projects;

  • Provide HIV education (prevention and coping), training in counselling HIV positive persons and their families, and the development of support groups.

  • To seek ways of implementing the WCC Decade Against Violence programme while benefiting from findings of local research done on crime and violence.


Goal 3:       To facilitate a joint response towards the achievement of high level quality education, disciplined staff and students and positive attitudes within schools, particularly those with Church affiliation. (Youth Commission/Education Commission)




Goal 4:       To become more intentionally engaged in influencing the values and attitudes of the Jamaican People. (Church & Society /Family life and Evangelism Commission)



  • To agree on a set of core values and attitudes to be promoted and a mechanism to do so, e.g. a media campaign, seeking consensus with entertainers and the media in general;

  • To collaborate with the Values and Attitudes Programme being administered by the Jamaican Government;

  • To participate in discussing and making recommendations on ethical and moral issues of concern to the Jamaican People;

  • To dialogue with Human Rights Groups re the promotion of human rights.


Goal 5:       To be more intentional in reflecting on the socio-political issues in Jamaican, the Caribbean and the Global Community and so offer the unique and critical theological input of the Church. (Church and Society Commission)


  • To provide opportunities for presentations and discussions on such issues at Executive Meetings and other fora;

  • To participate in relevant deliberations within the Caribbean Conference of Churches and the World Council of Churches;

  • To seek the support of other Ecumenical and Denominational Groups globally;

  • To articulate the results of  these reflections in the broader debate of the society, i.e., to deliberately be the voice of God.  




Goal 6:       To work for greater unity and partnership in the Mission of Christ among JCC Member Churches and between JCC and other Umbrella Groups. (Officers/, Faith & Order and all other Commissions where possible)


  • To provide opportunities for Theological reflection among JCC Member Churches;

  • To create opportunities for on going dialogue between Umbrella Groups;

  • To ascertain and share information on special programmes being offered by JCC member Churches and other Umbrella Groups.

  • To encourage joint action where possible;

  • Target other Christian Organizations for membership in the JCC




Goal 7:       To improve the JCC Communications Apparatus for greater effectiveness (Communications Commission)



  • To improve communication between JCC and Member Churches and Congregations;

  • To observe a JCC Sunday annually;

  • To maximize the opportunities in the print and electronic media for  communicating JCC Programme;

  • To utilize the World-Wide Web for promoting JCC work;

  • To provide timely responses to National Issues;

  • To provide occasions for the promotion of the work of the Church within Communities;

  • To execute relevant research and establish JCC as a resource centre for information.




GOAL 8:    To improve the Financial base of the JCC (Fundraising Committee and Finance Committee)


  • The Establishment of Fundraising Committee and host an annual fundraising event;

  • To seek funding from Ecumenical Bodies and Funding Agencies for JCC Programmes;



  • The Goals are not listed in terms of priority;

  • There may be further collaboration between Commissions;

  • The strategies are suggestions and may be changed depending on what the Commissions deem appropriate.

  • Not all the goals have suggested strategies.

  • Commissions will need to develop plans along the agreed goals and submit the same to the Executive Committee for approval before implementation.





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