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The Jamaica Council of Churches is a fellowship of Christian Churches and Christian Agencies which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures. The participating Churches and Agencies seek to fulfill together their common calling to the Glory of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The  General Secretary: Rev. Gary Harriott



  •  We are a world  organisaton,with the aim of creating a better future for all mankind.
  • Through out the years ,we participate in the evermore upliftment  to all
  • We instill moral values and build positive on future development.

Jamaican National Anthem


Eternal Father, bless our land
Guard us with Thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our Light through countless hours
To our leaders, Great Defender
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth, be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love

Jamaica, Jamaica
Jamaica, land we love

Teach us true respect for all
Stir response to duty's call
Strengthen us, the weak, to cherish
Give us vision, lest we perish
Knowledge send us, Heavenly Father
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love

Jamaica, Jamaica
Jamaica, land we love


Words: The Rev. Hugh Sherlock

Music: Mr. Robert Lightbourne




















   The Rt. Rev. Richard Allen, Founder and first Bishop of AME Church



Jamaica Annual Conference

     Personnel Directory




16th Episcopal District Headquarters

4A Widcombe Road, TH#12

Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.

(876) 702-2818

(876) 702-3978 (fax)





Episcopal Leaders of 16th District





                       Bishop Sarah Davis       Supervisor Claytie Davis, Jr.







The 16th Episcopal District is comprised of 108 churches/missions across the Caribbean, South America and Europe.  The district is organized across seven conferences: Dominican Republic; European; Guyana/Suriname; Haiti; Jamaica; U.S. Virgin Islands,  and the Windward Islands.
















Jamaica Annual CONFERENCE





Episcopal Leadership

Bishop Sarah F. Davis, Presiding Prelate

Mr. Claytie Davis, Jr., Episcopal Supervisor of Missions

Sis. Madelyn Johnson, Executive Administrator




Presiding Elders Cabinet

The Rev. Millard Davis

The Rev. Lebert Dawkins

The Rev. Leonora Thompson-Prince




WMS Leadership

Sis. Vinette Davis Conference President WMS

Sis. Teslyn Roofe, Conference YPD Director

Bro. Dellon Dale Bennett, Conference YPD President




Lay Organization

Sis. Neila Robinson Ingram, Conference Director




Christian Education Department

Sis. Lisa Douglas, Conference Director





Rev. Sharon Grant, Administrative Assistant












Bishops of the AME Church



District             Presiding Prelate      order                                                                                                                

1st                                 Richard F. Norris                    116

2nd                               Adam J. Richardson, Jr.          115

3rd                                C. Garnett Henning, Sr.          112

4th                                John R. Bryant                                    106

5th                                 T. Larry Kirkland                    114

6th                                William P. DeVeaux, Sr.          113

7th                                Preston W. Williams, II           119

8th                                Carolyn Tyler Guidry               122

9th                                James L. Davis                                    123

10th                               Gregory G. M. Ingram                        118

11th                               McKinley Young                     109

12th                               Samuel L. Green, Sr.               125

13th                               Vashti M. McKenzie                117

14th                               David R. Daniels, Jr.               124

15th                               Wilfred J. Messiah                   120

16th                               Sarah F. Davis                         126

17th                               Paul J. M. Kawimbe                121

18th                               Earl McCloud                          127

19th                               Jeffrey Nathaniel Leath           128

20th                              Julius Harrison McAllister       129

Ecumenical Officer     John Francis White                  130


Retired Bishops

                                    John Hurst Adams                  87       

Richard Allen Hildebrand       88

Frederick Hilborn Talbot         90

Hamel Hartford Brookins       91

Vinton Randolph Anderson     92

Frederick Calhoun James        93       

Frank Curtis Cummings          95

Philip R. Cousin, Sr.                96

James Haskell Mayo                100

Henry Allen Belin, Jr.               104

Vernon Randolph Byrd             105       

Richard A. Chappelle, Sr.         108

Robert V. Webster                   110

Zedekiah LaZett Grady            111





Central District – 9 churches /missions

Rev. Leonora Thompson Prince, Presiding Elder

7 Yolaine Avenue, Syddenham Villa

St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I.



Selby’s Temple                                 Membership: 122

86 East Street                                     Sunday School: 184

Old Harbour, St. Catherine                             Organizations: WMS,

Pastor:  Rev. Lenford Newell                YPD, Lay



Chapel of Christ                               Membership: 98

15 Swallowfield Road                           Sunday School: 38

Kingston 5                                          Organizations: WMS,

Pastor: Rev. Senoro Newell                  YPD



New Zion                                           Membership: 58

Bamboo Ridge, St. Catherine               Sunday School: 51

Pastor:  Rev. Lebert Dawkins               Organizations: WMS,

876-943-5823                                      YPD, Lay


St. Patrick’s                                                   Membership: 44

Red Ground, Old Harbour PO                Sunday School: 49

St. Catherine, JA                                  Organizations: WMS,

Pastor: Rev. L. Thompson-Prince                    YPD



Redemption                                      Membership: 43

Bannister, Old Harbour PO                   Sunday School: 65

St. Catherine, JA                                  Organizations: WMS,

Pastor:  Rev. Irene Rufus                     Lay



Gaines Memorial                              Membership: 20

5 Arnold Road                                     Sunday School: -

Kingston 5                                                      Organizations: -

Pastor:  Rev. Tanya Ferril

1 -876-922-2319                                                               3


Eastern District – 9 churches/missions

Rev. Dr. Millard Davis, Presiding Elder                                                    

Lot 11183 Alistair Avenue

Bridgeport P.O., St. Catherine



Kyles Temple                                                 Membership: 273

Islington PO                                                    Sunday School: 5       

 St. Mary, JA                                                    Organizations: WMS, Lay 

Pastor:  Rev. Dr. Millard Davis           



St. Matthews    -                                             Membership: 160     

O’Meally P.A.                                     Sunday School: 80

Pastor: Rev. Micheal Blake                            Organizations: WMS,

1-876-000-0000                                             Lay, YPD                                                                                              


Mt. Olivet                                                       Membership: 101

 Riversdale                                                      Sunday School: 105

St. Catherine, JA                                              Organizations: WMS, Lay,

Pastor: Rev. Clarence Turpin                          YPD, Sons of Allen     



Bethel                                                             Membership: 81

Cedar Valley, St. Thomas                               Sunday School: 78

Pastor: Rev. Glendon McNish                        Organizations: WMS,

1-876-302-0790                                             YPD


St. Stephens                                                   Membership: 58

Spring Garden, St. Thomas                             Sunday School: 30

Pastor: Rev. Paul Bailey                                  Organizations: WMS,

1-876-577-3288                                              YPD



Babers Temple                                              Membership: 13

Springfield, St. Thomas                                  Sunday School: 8       

Pastor: Rev. Aaron Blair                                 Organizations: NA





All-Saints                                                        Membership: 16       

Islington, PO                                                   Sunday School: 28     

St. Mary                                                          Organizations: NA     

Not Assigned


Mt. Refuge                                                     Membership: 15

Rowlands Field                                               Sunday School: NA

St.Thomas, Jamaica                                         Organizations: NA

Not Assigned


St. Paul                                                           Membership: 10

Buff Bay PO                                                   Sunday School: 11

Portland                                                          Organizations: NA

Not Assigned  


Western District – 10 churches/missions

Rev. Lebert Dawkins, Presiding Elder

 Red Ground P.A. Old Harbour

St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I.



St. John’s                                                       Membership: 100     

Palmers Cross  PA                                           Sunday School: 40

Palmers Cross, Clarendon                               Organizations: WMS,

 Pastor:  Rev. Lazree Davis                              YPD, Lay                    



Talbot Chapel                                                Membership: 68       

64 Church Street                                             Sunday School: 43

May Pen, PO                                                   Organizations: WMS,

Pastor: Rev. Colin Grant                                 YPD, Lay




Mt. Faith                                                        Membership: 61

Haughton, St. Elizabeth                                  Sunday School: 91

Pastor: Rev. Omar Douglas                           Organizations:        WMS,

1-876-886-2747                                   YPD                                         




 Christ Church                                           Membership: 52       

Breadnut Walk                                             Sunday School: 49

St. Elizabeth                                       Organizations: WMS,

Pastor:  Rev. Caudria P.  Newell                          YPD



Emmanuel                                                      Membership: 27

Green Bottom                                                 Sunday School: 23

Clarendon, JA                                                 Organizations: WMS,

Pastor:  Rev. Shoyn Reynolds                          YPD



Calvary                                             Membership:  26

Carlsbrook, St. Elizabeth                      Sunday School: 33

Pastor: Rev. Omar Douglas                           Organizations: WMS,

1-876-886-2747                                              YPD


Ebenezer                                                        Membership: 51

Hunts Pen,                                                      Sunday School: 44

May Pen, P.O.                                                Organizations: WMS                                                Not Assigned                                                     YPD


Moores, Mt. Zion                                           Membership: 39       

Moores, Clarendon                                         Sunday School: 41

Pastor: Rev. Lazree Davis                               Organizations:



 Shiloh                                                                        Membership: 20       

Morris Hall, Rock River, PO                          Sunday School: 28

Clarendon                                                       Organizations: WMS

Not Assigned



Allen Chapel                                                  Membership: 3

Alexandria                                                      Sunday School:

St. Ann                                                            Organizations: NA

Not Assigned                                                                                                 




                                                                                                            ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERS


Womens Missionary Society (WMS) / Young People’s Department (YPD)


WMS Conference President: Mrs. Vinette Davis

Lot 183 Alistair Avenue

Bridgeport P.O.

St. Catherine




YPD Conference Director: Ms. Teslyn A. Roofe

182 Sunflower Crescent

Longville Park H/D

Free Town, Clarendon




YPD Conference President: Mr. Dellon-Dale Bennett

Riversdale PO/Dist.
St. Catherine



Lay Organization


Conference President:  Sis. Neila Robinson Ingram

183 Alistair Avenue

Bridgeport P.O.

St. Catherine




Christian Education


Conference Director: Sis. Lisa Douglas

May Pen

Denbigh P.O.


1-876-986-2500; 408-7295


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